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Here's how it works.

In just 3 easy steps you can have the brows of your dreams!



Get a Free Consultation

Prior to booking your appointment, one of our licensed practitioners will need to assess your brows. We can do this one of two ways: (1) You can schedule a free in person consultation or (2) You can send up close images of your brows and a licensed practitioner will be in contact with you shortly to guide you through your personalized brow plan. **It is very important that your brows have no makeup on them for the images. 


Book Your Spot

Once all your questions are answered and you are satisfied with the recommended brow technique, it is time to book your appointment! 


Throw Away Your Brow Pencils

It's treatment time! The procedure will take 2-3 hours: the first 45 min to 1 hour is spent mapping out your brows according to your bone structure, facial features, and personal preferences. The last 1 to 2 hours are spent creating your perfect dream brows! Our licensed practitioners will provide you with an after care goodie bag that includes after care instructions and a special ointment that you will need to apply to your brows.


 A perfection touchup is highly recommended for best results and is done 4-8 weeks following your initial appointment. After this touchup, you won't need to come back for around 1-3 years, depending on the technique performed. 

Let's do this.

Treat yourself, you deserve it.