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PhiAcademy prides itself in certifying qualified artists ONLY after undergoing a rigorous 6-month training program. This 6-month course is made up of 11 levels, which the student must perfect before officially becoming an "Artist". 



PhiAcademy trained artists are held up to a very high standard and are taught a specific technique for every tedious aspect of their specialization. PhiAcademy artists do not use stencils or any other universal shaping mechanism; we believe that one size does not fit all. We take many personalized factors into consideration such as the clients bone structure and face shape. The clients facial proportions are used to determine the various starting and ending . 

A major factor PhiBrows Artists pay very close attention to is the direction in which the natural hair grows. If you happen to not have any natural hair, we are trained on the common hair patterns of every ethnicity but still take your preferences into consideration

Aside from the Artists themselves, the PhiBrow tools have been engineered to provide the finest and most crisp results. PhiBrow pigments do not contain the heavy metals found in most other permanent makeup pigments and are formulated for long lasting results.

We know brows better than anyone so it is highly advised to seek out a PhiBrow certified artist if you want naturally looking full and stunning results!